Women's Health Texas – San Antonio


Laura Cox

Laura has been going to Women Partners in Health of over eight (8) years. She has two daughters , Elise (5) and Mary Claire (3) who were delivered by physicians from WPIH.

The experiences have all been very positive for Laura. However, she had multiple complications with her most recent pregnancy. She was required to be in the WPIH office weekly, and had had to visit with a perinatologist. In addition, she had to be put on bed rest for four months. Laura and her husband, David, were very concerned about the situation.

According to Laura, “Dr. Nash takes everything very seriously. She is not an alarmist, but talked very frankly with me. I did want her to candy- coat my situation. I am very grateful she gave me the best medical advice, and we have a healthy baby girl. I would refer anyone to Dr. Nash.”


Reagan Rives

It was easy for Reagan to select her OB/GYN. She chose her best friend, Dr. Nash. They grew up together in Cleburne, TX and were in each other’s weddings and continue to be close friends.

Reagan and her husband, Chip, have three children. Annie is 6, Charlie is 3 ½ and Lucas is 18 months. The couple decided to be surprised about the sex of their last two children. They only found out the sex of their daughter, Annie.

Although she had known Dr. Nash, she also met all of the other physicians and nurses at WPIH. They made her feel special and well cared for.

“I liked that my friend was so calm, cool and professional at all times. I trust her and the advice she gave me. She is a dear friend and great doctor.”


Nancy Scanlan

Nancy Scanlan has been a patient of Karen Swenson, M.D. for over 20 years. A friend recommended the doctor after Nancy told her she wanted to see a female OB/GYN. “Dr. Swenson has been an incredible physician and friend to me. I have referred many friends as well as my daughter to her. She exudes quiet competence with a sly sense of humor that is both reassuring and charming – I look forward to my visits with her!”

“Karen does an amazing job of juggling her career, family and friends plus making it all look easy which we mothers know it’s not. She and her team have developed a great organization at Women Partners in Health – they are very responsive to patient needs and usually return calls promptly.”

Nancy has also been Lamaze coach for a friend with Dr. Swenson as the attending physician. As the labor wore on into the wee hours, Dr. Swenson stayed on the case hoping to deliver infant without a C-section. When that was the final option, she performed it skillfully with very little trauma, allowing her patient to be on her feet quickly with little discomfort. “She is a wonderful professional – I trust her judgment and abilities completely.”


Casey Jones

Casey and Ethan were childhood sweethearts in Denton, Texas. Their lives were very comfortable, and they were able to afford a nice lifestyle. One element of their lives was missing – children. Through testing, they discovered that Ethan had a low sperm count. After much discussion, they decided to seek assistance.

They worked through the Texas Fertility Center and were referred to Stephanie Reich, M.D. to help them with their pregnancy and delivery. The couple tried in vitro, but it was not successful. However, IUI worked. To their delight, Casey successfully carried and delivered their daughter, Eliot. The economy was booming, and Ethan decided he would become a home builder and did very well with his contracts. They wanted another child to add to their family.

Since they knew the routine, they began the process of IUI again. The process was successful. When they had their first sonogram, the doctor discovered there were multiple embryos. After careful review, they discovered there were five babies. Both Casey and Ethan were shocked, but elated.

During her pregnancy she had some complications. One required her having a cyst drained from her ovary. Then her blood pressure elevated, and she was in bed rest. “Dr. Reich is incredible. Since I had the problems, I spent a lot of time with her and her staff. The entire team at Women Partners in Health is warm and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Reich to everyone, says,” says Casey.

Their lives have definitely changed. They are grateful for their large family which has tripled in size. The cost of diapers, formula, healthcare, etc. has increased, but Ethan and Casey are loving the challenge of a growing and happy family.


Elizabeth “Betsy” Clemons

Betsy Clemons was one of Dr. Swenson’s first patients. She delivered all of Betsy’s three children. In addition, she cared for Betsy when she had an ovarian cyst. Although it was a scary situation, the cyst was not cancerous.

“Dr. Swenson is an incredible person and good friend. She really listens to you. Every effort is made by her to make her patient’s comfortable. When she delivered my second child, Dr. Swenson was very pregnant with her own child. Despite her own pregnancy, she took excellent care of me. My child was breech and had to be delivered by c-section. I have every confidence in her,” says Betsy.

The staff is wonderful. It is really “old guard” because they go the extra mile to take care of all of their patients. According to Betsy, the entire Women Partners in Health organization is like family. She can’t imagine going to another doctor.


Carolyn Osborn

Carolyn Osborn began seeing Karen Swenson, M.D. when she started her practice 25 years ago. Although she is past the pregnancy stage of her life, Carolyn wanted to find a superior OB/GYN. “She’s been grand, from the first. Dr. Swenson is professional yet understanding, and she is so easy to talk to. I think of her as a friend that I don’t see often enough. I find she has great empathy with me as she probably does with all of her patients,” says Carolyn.

She is one of the most attentive doctors she has had, and at 75, Carolyn has had her share of doctors. Carolyn has been pleased to take any advice that Dr. Swenson has given her.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Carolyn moved to Texas when she was twelve. She has been a former newspaper reporter, radio writer, and English teacher at the University of Texas at Austin. Also, she has served as president of the Texas Institute of Letters and was one of the founders of the Texas Book Festival. Her stories have been awarded prizes by P.E.N., the Texas Institute of Letters, and one was selected for the O. Henry Awards. Carolyn just published her first novel, Uncertain Ground, on May 1st.


Deborah Hiser

Deborah Hiser is an attorney for Brown McCarroll. She first met Karen Swenson, M.D. professionally and admired her compassion and intelligence as a physician. Deborah liked the name Women Partners in Health and the type of collaborative care the group represented. Both of their kids went to the same schools elementary school, which gave Deborah the opportunity to learn more about Dr. Swenson as a person. They are now very good friends.

“How many ways can I describe how great Karen is? She is assertive and has a ‘Let’s Do It’ attitude. One of the things I really like is that she doesn’t use a physician assistant. When you have an appointment, you see the doctor. I am pleased to call her a personal and professional friend. We both work in healthcare, and I admire how responsive, quick and receptive she is,” says Deborah.

Dr. Swenson is understanding. Deborah is a three time cancer survivor and has relied on the doctor’s assistance in getting specialty care and advice many times. After 12 years of knowing her friend, she continues to appreciate that Dr. Swenson does her best to look at her patients from a holistic perspective and to provide them premiere care.