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Dr. Gabriel B. Gonzalez Talks Ultrasound Procedures

Our San Antonio OBGYN Dr. Gabriel B. Gonzalez discusses ultrasound procedures

Most women think of pregnancy when they hear the term ultrasound procedures, but they are also excellent diagnostic tools. Ultrasound exams provide clear images that help diagnose everything from pelvic pain and abnormal uterine bleeding to infertility problems and fibroids. Our San Antonio OBGYN Dr. Gabriel B. Gonzalez talks about how our physicians use ultrasound technology to help improve patients’ health.

Ultrasound procedures help diagnose many gynecologic conditions

Dr. Gonzalez explains, “There are many uses for ultrasound exams. We use these tests to help us diagnose things like pelvic or abdominal pain. Ultrasounds provide us with clear views of the ovaries and pelvic organs.” Here are some of the conditions where ultrasound technology helps with a gynecologic diagnosis.

Ultrasound technology enables physicians to examine patients and diagnose problems in the least invasive way.

Sonohysterography is one of the ultrasound exams our OBGYNs employ

Dr. Gonzalez performs sonohysterography to help diagnose a variety of problems.

  • Fibroids, polyps and other abnormal uterine growths
  • Uterine scar tissue
  • Issues involving the uterine lining
  • The shape of the uterus

According to Dr. Gonzalez, “For a sonohysterography, patients lie with their feet in stirrups and the physician inserts a transvaginal probe. The OBGYN inserts a very thin catheter into the uterus and injects saline to help create clearer ultrasound images during the transvaginal ultrasound. Some patients complain about cramping from the infusion of the saline. I advise them to take some Motrin before their appointment.”

Other ultrasound procedures include hysterosalpingography and hysteroscopy.

Ultrasounds help our physicians monitor various issues during pregnancy

Most pregnant patients have a prenatal ultrasound at around the 20th week of pregnancy to check on fetal health and development. Our San Antonio OBGYN points out that there are several other uses for standard ultrasound exams during pregnancy, including dating the pregnancy and monitoring fetal growth, amniotic fluid and the placenta.

Dr. Gabriel B. Gonzalez provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Gonzalez wants patients to know that when it comes to ultrasounds, “It’s totally safe. It’s not going to harm the baby; it’s not going to harm the patient.” From ultrasound procedures and minimally invasive surgery to annual wellness and obstetrics, Gabriel Gonzalez MD provides patients with the up-to-date care they need. Contact us for an appointment.