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Hysteroscopy can diagnose and treat uterine issues

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows our San Antonio OBGYNs to view a woman’s uterus to diagnose and treat uterine issues. During the procedure, our doctors insert a long, narrow, lighted instrument called a hysteroscope through the vagina into the uterus. It transmits a view of the uterus to a monitor to allow our physicians to visualize the area. The doctor can also insert instruments through the hysteroscope to treat issues in the uterus.

When do our OBGYNs recommend a hysteroscopy?

A hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery, so most women have a short recovery time, minimal pain and fewer complications. The procedure can diagnose and treat different health issues.

What happens during the procedure?

Our San Antonio OBGYNS may perform a hysteroscopy in the office or in a hospital setting. Depending on the woman and the reason for the procedure, the woman may receive local, regional or general anesthesia.

Our physicians dilate, or open up, the cervix using medication or special dilators. Next, they insert the hysteroscope through the vagina and into the uterus. During the hysteroscopy, they release a special liquid or gas into the uterus. This expands the area and provides a clear view of the cervix, the fallopian tube openings and the uterus.

If our physicians discover an issue during a hysteroscopy, they can treat those problems during the same surgery. Most of the time, this eliminates the need for a second procedure.

What to expect after the procedure

Hysteroscopy usually doesn’t require an overnight hospital stay. Women can usually leave shortly after the procedure, but the length of the stay will depend on the type of anesthesia.

It is common after the procedure to experience mild abdominal cramps or some vaginal bleeding for a few days. Women may also have shoulder pain due to the gas used to expand the uterus. If a woman has a fever, chills, heavy bleeding or severe abdominal pain, she should call us immediately.

Most women are able to return to their normal activities one or two days after their hysteroscopy. However, women should avoid sexual intercourse until getting doctor approval.

You can be confident that our San Antonio OBGYNs will provide you with the best care possible. Contact our office today for an appointment.