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Questions Before A Hysterectomy

You should ask questions before a hysterectomy

Many American women face the prospect of having a hysterectomy. Our San Antonio OBGYNs understand that this can be an overwhelming time. We would like to help by providing you with four important questions to ask your gynecologist before you have a hysterectomy.

One of the questions to ask before a hysterectomy is whether you have other options

You are contemplating surgery, so it’s important to ask your physician whether there are any alternatives to having a hysterectomy. For example, you may ask if your condition would improve once you go through menopause or if medications could help. Surgeries such as endometrial ablation could help alleviate your symptoms.

Will I be able to keep my ovaries?

This is another one of the important questions to ask before a hysterectomy. The answer depends on your health conditions. As a result, you should discuss the reasons for your surgery in detail with our San Antonio OBGYNs. You and your surgeon should also discuss the risks and benefits of keeping or removing your ovaries.

What type of hysterectomy do you think I need?

There are three types of hysterectomies. It’s very helpful if you know what type of surgery you are having.

  • The most common type of hysterectomy is a total hysterectomy that removes the entire uterus and cervix.
  • During a partial hysterectomy only the upper part of your uterus is removed.
  • A radical hysterectomy includes the removal of your entire uterus, cervix and a portion of the vagina.

One of the final questions ask before a hysterectomy is what the recovery will be like

Remember to ask how long you will need to be hospitalized, how much time you will need off from work, and other questions about the weeks after your hysterectomy.

Our San Antonio OBGYNs are often able to perform your hysterectomy either laparoscopically or with robotic surgery. Contact us to learn more.