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Lesser-known birth control options for women

Lesser-known birth control options for women.

If you think your options for birth control are limited, you may be pleasantly surprised to find there are some lesser-known birth control methods that may suit your needs. Our Women’s Health Texas ObGyns are here to share three options that you might not be familiar with.

The female condom

The female condom is a lubricated, plastic sheath that you place inside your vagina. It has an inner ring inside the vagina and an outer ring at the vaginal opening. As effective as male condoms when used properly, female condoms are available without a prescription, are only used once, and can decrease the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

This is a good option, particularly if your partner refuses to wear a condom. It’s also a way to have your own condom ready, giving you more control over the situation.


NuvaRing® is a combined hormonal birth control method that releases both progestin and estrogen, which are then absorbed by the vaginal tissue. It’s simple to insert—you just squeeze the flexible ring and insert it into the back of the vagina. You place it and leave it for three weeks, then remove it for one week to have your period. NuvaRing® can be left in during sex, but you may remove it if you like, as long as you put it back inside the vagina within three to four hours.

If you do not want to take pills or may not want an IUD, NuvaRing® is a great option and is just as effective as birth control pills.

Emergency Contraception

If you have unprotected sex, emergency contraception is available; however, you need to act quickly. It’s most effective when used as soon as possible and needs to be used within five days of having unprotected sex.

  • Emergency contraceptive pills. There are two types: Plan B One-Step®, which is available over the counter, or Ella®, which is a prescription medication. These pills work by preventing ovulation. They do not cause miscarriages or spontaneous abortions.
  • Copper IUD (Paragard®). This is another excellent option. If you have unprotected sex, one of our ObGyns can put this highly effective device within the first five days. Copper IUD also provides you with years of future birth control.

Our ObGyns are concerned with your wellness and birth control is an important issue for women’s health. Learn more about the birth control options we offer or request an appointment with one of our ObGyns.


Date Published: December 2018