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Meet Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez

Getting acquainted with our San Antonio OBGYN, Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez

Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez is a physician who works hard to change women’s lives in a positive way. He says, “The thing I enjoy most about patient care is knowing I am able to make a difference in so many people’s lives.”

This compassionate physician wants women to feel comfortable discussing problems like abnormal uterine bleeding and pregnancy issues with him. Whether he is explaining ultrasound procedures or minimally invasive surgeries, he always discusses the situation in language patients can clearly understand. It’s one facet of his attentive healthcare style. Gabriel Gonzalez MD says, “My philosophy to patient care is to treat the patients as if they are your family.”

Dr. Gabriel Gonzalez has a distinguished educational background

Gabriel Gonzalez MD received his Bachelor of Arts in biology from the University of Texas at Austin. He attended the prestigious Wake Forest Medical School for his medical degree. Dr. Gonzalez’s residency training began with an internship for general surgery at The University of Florida College of Medicine. He completed his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh.

During his medical training, Dr. Gonzalez took part in research projects that involved breast cancer topics, as well as participating in the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Summer Research Program for Medical Students.

Dr. Gonzalez has always had a talent for teaching, and residents honored him with a special award during his second year of residency. The award was for the resident who instructed the first-year students the most during their internship year. Our San Antonio OBGYN brings these teaching skills to his patients every day.

Gabriel Gonzalez MD is happy to be back in the heart of Texas with his family

Raised in Texas, Dr. Gonzalez moved to other states for his medical education and residency, but he is happy to return to the Lone Star state. “I’ve lived in North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania. In my opinion, Texas is by far the best state in the country. Women’s Health Texas seemed like the perfect fit when I interviewed here.”

Dr. Gonzalez enjoys spending time with his wife and his two children. He also likes to work out, travel and try new restaurants. He says, “I love big trucks, fast cars, country music, guns, steak dinners and everything Texas!”

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