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Cord Blood Banking

You may choose to store your baby’s cord blood in a private cord blood bank

During your pregnancy, one of the things you may be considering is cord blood banking, so Women’s Health Texas would like you to know more about it. Here is everything you need to know about storing your baby’s cord blood.

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood refers to the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and the placenta after you have delivered your baby. This blood contains stem cells that may be frozen and stored in private cord blood banks. The supply will remain in storage until your family may need access to it.

If you opt for cord blood banking, your baby’s cord blood will be collected after the umbilical cord is clamped. No blood comes from either the mother or the baby.

After collecting the baby’s cord blood, it will go to the private cord blood bank you have chosen. At the cord blood bank, it is tested and put into storage for your private use.

Private cord blood banks charge an initial fee for collecting the blood, and they also charge a yearly storage fee. You will need to speak to your insurance company to determine whether they cover the collection process.

If you choose to participate in blood banking, you cannot wait until you are near the end of your pregnancy to make that decision because the arrangements may take up to two months to finalize.

How are cord blood stem cells used?

Currently, cord blood banking provides cord blood stem cells for a family to use for their child or the child’s other family members. Cord blood stem cells can treat everything from hereditary diseases and certain cancers to immune system diseases and blood disorders. However, it should be noted that the odds are low that you will ever use your private supply of cord blood.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics, encourages patients to consider cord blood donation instead of private banking. We encourage our patients to explore the topic and then make an informed decision that is right for their own families.

If you would like to discuss cord blood banking, please contact us.

If you do choose private cord blood banking, we recommend these reliable blood banks. However, there are many others from which to choose.

Cord Blood Registry 1-888-932-6568
Cryo-Cell International 1-800-786-7235
ViaCord 1-866-668-4895
StemCyte 1-866-783-6298
CorCell 1-888-326-7235
Lifebank USA 1-877-543-3226
Family Cord Blood Services 1-800-490-2673
Stembanc 1-877-836-2262
Cord Blood Center 1-888-780-2885