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Labor Pain Management

Our San Antonio OBGYNs offer several methods for managing labor pain

Managing labor pain is a very personal and individual process because every woman’s labor is unique. Rest assured that when you are in labor, our OBGYNs are with you at every stage, ensuring that you receive the approach to managing labor pain that is right for you.

Managing labor pain naturally

Many of our patients choose natural methods for managing labor pain—sometimes alone or sometimes in combination with proven methods. Women who are interested in natural methods should take a childbirth class to feel fully prepared for labor.

Some of the most common natural methods for managing labor are relaxation and breathing techniques; having a supportive partner to coach you through labor; using music to relax; and trying different positions (sitting, walking or standing) that make you feel comfortable.


Our OBGYNs realize that some patients may need pain relief medication when managing labor pain. These are called systemic analgesics because they act on your whole body to alleviate pain and are best used during the early stages of labor. They are usually administered via injection.

Local anesthesia

When you reach the late stage of labor, you may want local anesthesia, which is injected directly into the vaginal area to provide localized pain relief during a vaginal delivery and/or during an episiotomy, if you need one.

Regional anesthesia—epidurals, spinal blocks and combined spinal-epidural (CSE) blocks

Regional anesthesia is a familiar method for managing labor pain. These injections block or lessen pain and may be used for a vaginal or cesarean delivery.

  • Epidurals—The most common method for managing labor pain, this injection of anesthetics and analgesic medications is given via a tube in the lower back. Epidurals allow you to move and push during labor.
  • Spinal blocks—Medication is injected directly into your spinal fluid. Spinals last about 1-2 hours, and they begin to work almost immediately.
  • Combined spinal-epidural (CSE) blocks—This combined method for managing labor pain provides the quick pain relief of a spinal with the continuous relief that an epidural brings.

Our OBGYNs work with patients to provide the birth experience that appeals to each individual

We want your pregnancy to be a positive experience, with labor management options provided with expertise and care.